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Is this the Best Shampoo

Published on Sep 16, 2023


The objective: To determine which of six popular shampoos has the highest pH level. Everybody buys shampoo and they buy the cheapest one. You also buy shampoo to clean your hair but have you ever wondered which shampoo will help you hair the most. If you'd like to know read on and click this button


I think Pantene will have the highest acidity level.


1. Wide Range pH testing liquid

2. 6 Test tubes

3. Water

4. 6 different shampoo brands: Pantene® , TreSemme® , Organix® , Johnson's® , Herbal Essences® , and Garnier Fructis®

5. Baking soda

6. Lemon Juice

Is this the Best Shampoo


Steps to measure pH of a liquid

a) Pour one drop of water in the test tube followed by a drop of pH testing liquid. Shake vigorously.

b) Compare the colour of the mixed liquid with the pH chart.

c) Note down the pH of the water.

Repeat steps 'a), b), c)' for the lemon juice, baking soda, and all of the shampoo brands.

Record data in table.

Water ---------------

Lemon Juice ---------------

Baking Soda mixed in water ---------------

Garnier Fructis® ---------------

TreSemmé® ---------------

Organix® ---------------

Johnson's® ---------------

Pantene® --------------

Herbal Essences® ---------------


Is this the Best Shampoo

Water 7.0

Vinegar 4.5

Baking Soda mixed in water 9.0

Garnier Fructis® 5.0

TreSemmé® 6.0

Organix® 5.5

Johnson's® 6.0

Pantene® 4.5

Herbal Essences® 5.0


In conclusion, my hypothesis was correct. Pantene® was the best shampoo. This was not because it had the highest pH — it was because it had the highest acidity level; and a very low pH of 4.5. Herbal Essences® and Garnier Fructis® were tied for second with 5.0. This was followed by Organix® with 5.5. Unfortunately in last place there was Johnson's and Tresemmé with a 6.0. Therefore, my hypothesis was correct.

Acid opens up the hair cuticle and alkaline closes it up.

The higher the alkaline the more damaged the hair cuticles become.

This is why a higher acid is better in shampoos.

Ingredients like citric acid appear in shampoo to make the shampoo more acidic.

Ultimately the shampoo Pantene is the best out of all the shampoo I have picked.


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Science Fair Project by Arnav Gupta