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Published on Sep 19, 2023


This application package uses VISUAL BASIC 6. For inputs/outputs user will use Menu for working on the system. They will use forms for displaying the database and also for view/update this.


• System should be run under windows 95, 98, window NT 4.0 environment.

• Reports should be designed in Seagate Crystal Reports.

• Oracle 9i should be used as backend to store database.

• Forms should be designed in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to enhance the productivity, for expressive form design, and less update time.


• Visual Basic 6.0 and other application package should be installed on the Pentium III and other compatible machine.

Any machine that is connected to LAN must have Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and Seagate Crystal Report packages

Objectives Of System

• The aim of this project is to deliver a verified & validated data retrieval system.

• The primary objective of design & development of this system is to simplify the process of report generation.

• It should provide correct data in the reports independent of the objects & conditions used.

• Should reduce the time for provisioning of requested data.

• The enterprise managers can easily get data for analysis purposes.

User Requirement

The foremost requirement is to provide initial reporting framework.

• Should provide feature of Single point-of-entry to access reports.

• Should provide a range of information demand addressed.

• Should provide Business Self Service where possible to take up business decisions.

• Should provide Data Abstraction.

• Treat data from a business perspective instead of from an application perspective

• Should embed in itself Service-Oriented Architecture.

• Should be Maintainable.

• Should be Business aligned

• Should provide a framework for Efficient Report Development Process

• Should have a detailed source data analysis for effective modeling of universe.

• Should provide feature for changing the login and password of the logged in user.

• Should cater to adhoc-reporting requirements of the customer

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