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Published on Sep 19, 2023


This project aims at creating a Courses portal for a campus/organization. This allows registered users of the system to join a course available in the site and access the materials published for the course. People can register themselves as students of a course or Faculty for a course.

When a person registers himself as a Faculty, an approval mechanism should be triggered which sends an email to the Administrator for approving the person as a Faculty.

There will be an admin approval page where admin can approve the faculty members for the course.

The course home page should contain the title of the course and a brief description. There will be a discussion board for each course where students can interact, an announcement section, which contains the latest announcements, and a course content section which gives the links for the material available for the course.

For faculty members there will be an extra link for uploading the course content in a zip file format. The course content should be html pages, which should be uploaded in the zip file format.

There should be a mechanism for the faculty members to create a test for the course specifying the test title and a set of multiple-choice questions and duration of time of the test.


Databases Web Server, Programming

Generic Technlogy keywords

Specific Technology keywords

Oracle/MS-SQL server, Tomcat servlet Engine., java/jsp/servlets

Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, User Interface

Project type keywords

Functional components of the project

There will be a Course Portal home page where there will be a registration link as well as a login screen is available.

There are three types of users in the system



Student (for a course)

The administrator should be able to do the following:-

Create a Course, by providing the course title and description.

Approve Faculty members for a Course

Delete the members of a Course

Publish announcements

A page to view all the feedbacks received.

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