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Published on Sep 19, 2023


Face recognition is a wide area which is currently studied by lot of researchers and vendors but still there are some areas that even researchers have not touched.

Partial face recognition can be considered as one of these areas. Few years back researchers considered that partial face recognition is an unrealistic approach because there is less information which can use to recognize a person.

But after the research conducted by researchers like Sato et al (1998), it is proven that partial face region also contain some amount of information that can use to recognition.

By conducting this project, I tried to investigate how far partial face regions involve recognizing individual.

The artifact allows users to input probe images and then the system will determin e individual's face whose belongs that particular face region.

Even though it appears to be a simple process the system should perform intensive amount of work to achieve it. A domain research, which has conducted to identify and study about the problem, related to face recognition, similar system.

Then by analysing it I decided to the area that needed constrain in system research. During system research researcher studied about the fundamentals about the image processing, face detection techniques and face recognition techniques.

Then after analysing them it decided to select appropriate techniques to extract partial face regions and recognize individuals.

The document contains introduction, domain research, system research, project development plan, requirement specification and technical investigation, which contain details about above-mentioned areas.

Finally appropriate image processing techniques, face detection techniques and face recognition techniques were selected and justified along with selection of the project developing methodologies and project developing platforms.

This face recognition system will identify individuals based on characteristics of separate face segmentations and the objectives of the project as follows.

1. Investigation of unique face features of eye, nose and mouth regions for recognises individuals. When it come to separate face regions there are less unique features that help to identify individuals. Identifying unique features of the individuals has being archiving throughout this project.

2. Improve capabilities of the detecting features of local segmentations of face It is necessary to find the efficient algorithm to extract features of the face segmentations.

3. Implement robust, efferent face recognition system based on facts found in the research. A thorough research being carried on face recognition techniques and available algorithm on partial face recognition and choose a appreciate method and implement face recognition system based in it

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