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Published on Sep 19, 2023


Materials: Tea bag

Nonflammable surface (a flat dinner plate works well)

Matches or lighter


How to Prepare:

Remove the staple, string, and label from the tea bag.

If your bag of tea is not open on its ends, cut both ends off and empty out the tea into the trash.

Unfold the bag of tea so that it is straight.

Use your fingers to open up the bag. You will end up with a cylinder shape.

Stand the cylinder on one end on your dinner plate.

With a lighter, ignite the top of the cylinder.

Watch the flame travel down from the top of the cylinder. The tea bag will rise up like a rocket! 


Air Density- the flame heats the air inside the cylinder. Warm air rises above the cooler, less dense air (convection currents). The tea bag then turns to ash that is super lightweight and is lifted by the smoke!.