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Published on Sep 19, 2023


Articles Required : Two long thin nee­dles, a piece of card­board, a pair of scissors,kfive pieces of cork (one big, four small) and camphor.

Make a figure of a dancing couple on the cardboard. Cut it along its outline, and stick it on the bigger cork with glue.

Once it's firmly stuck, pierce two needles into the big cork making a 90° angle, to each other. Now on their four ends, insert small corks. Try to make the base as compact as possible. But in any case its diame­ter should never exceed 5 cm.

Stick camphor grains on the sides of four outer corks with the help of pins and place it on water surface. If it has been made as described above, the cardboard couple will turn around and move about—as if the couple has begun its waltz.

In order to have a flawless perfor­mance, you must remove all traces of oil from the container and corks. You can do this by washing these articles well with hot water mixed with soda.