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Published on Sep 19, 2023


The objective: I want to find out if your heartbeat will respond more to a vibrant color or dull color

Materials for Balloon Car Racer

First of all you are going to need some materials.

• Stop watch
• Different variety of color paper
• 3 people
• Paper
• Pencil

Get ready to find out the truth behind the heartbeat…


In my personal opinion I think people's heart beat will be faster with vibrant colors (yellow, red, and blue) while with dull colors (gray) your heartbeat will be slower. I think this because your eyesight would be alarmed with more alerting colors than boring colors which will affect your heartbeat.


Ok now we are going to perform this experiment. Make sure you know what your materials are.

1. Take your three people and make one stare at a vibrant color (yellow, red, blue) for 60 seconds.
2. Take his pulse for one whole minute.
3. Write it down (don’t forget it).
4. Then take the same person and make him stare at a dull color (gray) or 60 seconds.
5. Take his pulse for one whole minute.
6. Write it down (don’t forget it).
7. Repeat steps 1-6 with your other two persons left.

Data and Graphs:

The experiment is finished I have put down the results below for you to see. I'll leave you to decide whether my hypothesis was correct

Your Sight and Heartbeat are Connected


Your Sight and Heartbeat are Connected