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Published on Jan 02, 2023


The objective: The objective of my project was to determine if odds-makers# predictions about sporting events were accurate and if they improved throughout the season.


The published scoreboard from the Union Tribune was used to develop a data table where I tracked fourteen through sixteen games per week the predicted point spread, and the predicted point total.

After the games were played I recorded the actual point spread and the actual point total. With this information I computed the difference between predicted point spread and actual point spread and the difference between the predicted point total and actual point total.

At the end of my experiment I analyzed the data so I could draw conclusions about the accuracy of the predictions.


The winners were correctly predicted approximately 63% of the time. There was not a pattern with predicting total points throughout the season.


The predictions improved slightly, though not significantly, over the course of the season.

This Mathematical project is about the predicted odds and how it compares to what actually happens.

Science Fair Project done By Alexandra E. Stone