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Published on Sep 16, 2023


The objective: Our objective was to compare the thermal conductivity of different common metals. We thought that aluminum would be the best conductor.


Rods made of aluminum, brass, copper, and steel were bent into the shape of a U.

Then the ends of the U were placed in two Styrofoam cups of ice and room temperature water.

We measured the decrease in temperature over a thirty-minute time period of the room temperature water.


The results were that the copper rod conducted 3.7 degrees Celsius out of the room temperature cup and it was the best conductor of heat.

The worst conductor was the steel rod and it only conducted 0.1 degrees Celsius.


In conclusion, we found out that pure metals, such as copper and aluminum were the best conductors. The alloys (materials made of several elements) such as steel and brass did not conduct heat nearly as well.

This is helpful when engineering and buying cookware because pots and pans with pure metal bottoms can conduct heat fastest. It is also important for building other metal appliances or equipment for which thermal conductivity is a concern.

This project is about the comparison of different metals and how well they conduct heat.

Science Fair Project done By Lizzie Eisenstein