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Published on Sep 16, 2023


The objective: Our objective was to find out if Saturn#s moons caused the gaps in Saturns rings.


To test this hypothesis, we ran two simulations: one including moons, and one without them. After we simulated 25 years in each trial, we recorded the positions of the particles.


The results show that in the moon test, particles form large gaps near where the moons are. In the test without moons, there werent as extreme gaps, but there were some unexpected narrow ones further out.

Also, in the moon test, a large percentage of the particles were jettisoned past the distance where we stopped recording, whereas in the test without moons, no particles passed that distance


Our results show that gaps form in the cloud of particles near where the moons are, if there are moons. This shows that our hypothesis was correct; Saturn's moons did cause noticeable divisions in the particle cloud.

This project focused on how particles in orbit around Saturn react to the gravitation of Saturn's moons.

Science Fair Project done By Cutter Coryell