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Published on Sep 16, 2023


The objective: To study standing waves using different strings. To study the effect of tension on standing waves. To study the effect of tension on unit density of the string.


String was connected to a wave generator and extended over the pulley 2 meters apart; mass was connected to other side of the string to provide tension. Wave generator was controlled by function generator.

Frequency of the function generator was adjusted to obtain standing waves. The value of the frequency for each standing wave was registered.

The experiment was repeated using different values of mass and different strings. The resonance frequencies were compared with theoretically calculated values.


Calculated values that included the effect of tension on the density of the string were consistently closer to experimental results than calculated values that assumed constant string density.


Experiment shows that compensation for changing of string density caused by the stretch of the string improves accuracy of calculation of the resonant frequencies.

This project is about Study of standing waves.

Science Fair Project done By Jonathan Krol