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Published on Sep 16, 2023

Hydro Power


The objective: To determine if the height of water being poured on a cork wheel effects the speed of wheel turning therefore effecting the amount of energy being produced by the wheel


The Purpose of this experiment is to see how pouring 2L of water from different heights will affect the energy production based on the spinning of the wheel.


I think that pouring water from the height of 36 inches will make the cork spin faster and create Hydropower.


1.) Small tub

2.) Long stick

3.) Foam cube

4.) Plastic yogurt container

5.) Long meter stick

6.) Water pitcher

7.) Tap water

8.) Paper

9.) Pen

10.) Safety scissors

11.) tape


1.) First I will create the spinning wheel using the Foam cube and plastic yogurt container. Cut seven small triangular pieces using the yogurt container and scissors. Stick the pointy part of the piece into the foam cube so that the edge part is on the outside. This will create the spinning wheel.

2.) Now that the wheel is ready, use the long stick and push it in the center of the foam cube so that the wheel spins around the stick. Make sure that the wheel is not stuck and is easily spinning.

3.) You now take the stick with the wheel and tape both ends on the rim of the small tub. Also take the long meter stick and tape it on the bottom edge of the outer part of the small tub.

4.) Fill the pitcher with tap water.

5.) Slowly pour the water on the wheel and observe the spinning speed of the wheel.

6.) Repeat step 5 from different heights. Starting at 18 inches,27 inches,36 inches, and 45 inches.


In this experiment I observed that the foam cube itself didn't move an inch when I poured the water directly on the foam cube but when I poured it on the flaps, it started spinning. As it started moving up the different levels, it spanned faster. I realized that this is because of the water pressure; it increased as I went up the level and started hitting the flaps harder. I poured water from 5 different heights, 9 inches apart. Another thing that I observed was that at the highest height the water pressure was so strong that the water started spraying out as it hit the flaps on the foam cube.

Hydro Power


In this science experiment, I saw that the height at which water was being poured affects the spinning of the wheel. As I moved up from Level 1 to 5, I noticed that the wheel was spinning faster and faster. So this means that the water pressure increased as I moved up the levels, thus hitting the flaps of the wheels much harder causing the wheel to spin faster. My Hypothesis was correct. I was right about the height level at which the water is poured will affect the waster pressure thus increases the speed of the wheel rotation. As the height increases, the water pressure also increases and the wheel spins faster and faster.






Science Fair Project done By Anup