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Published on Sep 19, 2023


The objective:

The objective of this project was to see if and how weather causes and / or affects the colors in sunrises and sunsets.


For 30 days, twice a day (at sunrise and sunset) from the same location, using Weather measuring instruments and close observation, I recorded the date, time, temperature, humidity, weather, wind, sunrise/sunset time, barometric pressure and colors and their brightness in the sky.

By rating each observation and taking photographs, I made a scale 1-5 (Dull to vibrant).

During this process, I went to the library and internet to do research. Using all of the data and information, I made a chart and looked for connections between my recorded data and the weather patterns and colors.


Through a great amount of research, not only did I find out about natures color spectrum and how the suns light-rays are different color wavelengths scattering off different types of particles in the atmosphere (forming colors in the sky), I also learned how human activities and natural processes cause air pollution which, in many different ways, harms people, animals, plants, building materials & fabrics, and causes damage to the earth#s atmosphere and our environment. (depletion of the ozone layer, greenhouse effect and acid rain)


I discovered that weather, along with latitude, time of day, season of year and quality of the air all contribute to the formation of colors in the sky.

I am curious to find out more about the causes and effects of earth's polluted atmosphere and want to continue research to see how scientists are dealing with these serious problems which concerns me about the future and quality of life on our planet.

This project is to see if the weather effects the colors in sunrises and sunsets, but more importantly, my through research about atmosphere revealed to me the dangers of air pollution to our health and environment.

Science Fair Project done By Flora E. Barbash