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ublished on Jun 26, 2023


The objective:

Our goal is to possibly get food companies to change the color of the food. For example a potato chip in the color of something unappealing and broccoli in the colors of rainbows.This might possibly be the start of stopping obesity rate s


Materials: * Food that the subjects hate and like to eat; Food coloring; * Stove.


1.Get all your materials ready.

2.Pick your food of choice( Be sure that you picked the foods/drinks that the Subjects don't and do like.)

3.Pick the color of your choice ( I picked red ,green, and blue based on the research).

4.Boil the foods one by one and add the food coloring.

5.When the foods are at colors of your choice turn off the stove and get a plate and put the food on it.

6.Test it on the subject ask if they would eat it or not and just for fun you could make them try it.

7.Record Data.

8.You're done!


What the data show really did surprise a few people. If you go back you would see that milk wasn't usually drank but during this experiment Milk was the only like by all subjects!

I was shocked to see the parsley which was colored blue only scored about 40%.


The conclusion of this science project is that color does affect if we eat it or not.And we finally saw the tricks of the food companies and we just came up with a new one. Change the color of food, change peoples objectives to eat.

This Project is about whether food color effect if we eat it or not.

Science Fair Project done By Esra Nur Altun