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Published on Sep 19, 2023


The objective:

Image Processing comes with a GUI (graphical user interface) program that lets us play with its various features. The program is based on AWT (the Abstract Windowing Toolkit) so that more people can run it. All that is required is an installed Java 1.1 Runtime Environment and a system that can be put into some sort of graphics mode or work online with Internet Browser.

Proposed System :

As there is lot of crazy towards graphics, photos or images editing, processing is very important in that process. This application is accessible on any system and any platform. This application can be used to change the setting of old photos, creating a new type of icons to add them into applications and web sites.

This application can be used to change the format of images from one file type to another in simple way so that users or programmers can use one image in any format according to compatibility and accessibility in their applications.


Image Color Processing

Image Geometry Module

Filters Module

View Module


Environment : Java Runtime Environment 1.1d above

Operating System : Any with compatible JVM

Hard disk : 4 GB

Processor : PII or higher

Browser : Mozilla Compact