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Published on Sep 19, 2023


The objective:

The project titled Intrusion Detection System in Networking Using Genetic Algorithm (IDS) is for Global Techno Solutions. The main objective of this system shows how real time network connection behavior can be modeled as chromosomes and how the parameters in genetic algorithm can be defined in this respect.


The project titled Intrusion Detection System in Networking Using Genetic Algorithm (IDS) is to identify the intruder and block the data from the intruder to avoid the system attack by the virus. This new system is a replacement of the existing system. In existing system, at run time it will not create a set of rules. The major components of the system are creating new set of rules during run time.

Interest and knowledge about computer and network security is growing along with the need for it. This interest is, no doubt, due to the continued expansion of the Internet and the increase in the number of businesses that are migrating their sales and information channels to the Internet.

The growth in the use of networked computers in business, especially for e-mail, has also fueled this interest. Many people are also presented with the post-mortems of security breaches in high-profile companies in the nightly news and are given the impression that some bastion of defense had failed to prevent some intrusion.

One result of these influences is that that many people feel that Internet security and Internet firewalls are synonymous. Although we should know that no single mechanism or method will provide for the entire computer and network security needs of an enterprise, many still put all their network security eggs in one firewall basket. 


Modules here designed are

• Server

• Client

• New Entry

• Anomaly User

• Normal User


Processor : Intel Pentium II or above

Memory : 128 MB or above

Hard Disk Drive : 10 GB or above

Keyboard : 108 Keys


OS Platform : Windows 2000 or More