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Published on Sep 19, 2023


The objective:

This project provides issue raising, search facility, help info, issue resolution. Issues related to software projects can be raised, tracked and resolved by Employees of different departments. Resolved issues can be allowed to access from Knowledge Base as Knowledge elements. The different groups and representatives can interact each other through this System.

The issue tracking system does all the jobs that are done in conventional system. But, here, everything is done in more formal and efficient manner. All the users of organization can interact with each other through the Issue Tracking System.

This system acts as an interface between the employees thereby enabling them to forward their issues to the centralized Issue tracking system. Hence, making the work easy for both the issue raiser and the resolver. It totally avoids the involvement of middlemen in getting resolution for a particular issue.

The Issue Tracking system is an intranet application, which provides information about issues in software projects, in detail. This product develops a system that can be used by all the departments of a software organization.

In the conventional method, all the issues are dealt manually .The progress of the issues are also checked in person, which is a tedious task. Here, in Issue Tracking, it fulfills different requirements of administrator and employees of a software development organization efficiently. The specific purpose of the system is to gather and resolve issues that arise in different projects handled by the organization.

Generally, in an organization, various issues like complaints of employees, Suggestions; conflicts between peers, applications, proposals, objections and requests have to be passed via the HR Department or the Head of the concerned Department.

This traditional system of resolving issues and conflicts involves lot of manual work to be put in, and also it's a tedious process. At the end of the day the ultimate aim of solving the problem may be done but various processes involved in this system of finding a solution makes it a time consuming and tiring job.


J2SE, Servlets, JDBC and Java Script


Pentium III Processor with 700 MHz Clock Speed

128 MB RAM, 20 GB HDD, 32 Bit PCI Ethernet Card