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Published on Sep 19, 2023


The objective: The goal of the E-KNOWLEDGE WIRELESS HEALTH CARE SYSTEM System is to improve the efficiency of the healthcare system by reducing the overall time and cost used to create documents and retrieve information .


• The main feature of E-Knowledge in Health Care system is to provide the browser to get appointments from a doctor through internet instead of going there and fixing an appointment.

• In Doctor's side they can view their appointments and prescribe medicine for their patients.

• E-Knowledge in Health Care System maintains patient's prescriptions so that their medical details are always available in Internet, which will be more convenient for the patients. This will be more comfortable for the patient.

• Patient details and prescriptions are maintained confidentially.

There four Main Modules in E-Knowledge in Health Care System they are

• Patient Module.

• Doctor Module.

• Administrator Module.

• General User Module.


• Everyone needs to have Medical attention at any time. So we allow every user to register freely at any time.

• The user does registration by specifying their details like His/Her Name, Contact Number, Address, and Mail Id etc. After validation the user will receive a message regarding his/her membership.

• After registration the user can Login to this site with his/her Unique Id, which is provided by E-Knowledge in Health Care System and password.

• To get an appointment from a doctor we need the user to pay some minimum amount through credit card/account.

• The Doctor list is categorized by his/her specialization and Location like HEART, SKIN CARE, CHILD CARE etc. and T.NAGAR, VALASARAWAKKAM, KODAMBAKKAM respectively. So that the user can easily access the doctor for his/her treatment.

• The user can fix Appointment with a particular doctor by specifying the time, which is convenient for them. After this they will be shown a confirmation message about the timing they preferred.

• A patient visit the doctor at specified timing as per the appointment timing. E-Knowledge in Health Care System maintains the prescription given by the doctor for future use. Patient can view their prescription any time.

• Patients can cancel their appointments within a time limit. The time limit is about two hours from the time they had registered their appointments and their Money will be refunded.


• Administrator does Doctor registration.

• Every Doctor will have their own unique Id and Password with which, they will login to this site.

• After they logged into this site. They will have their main form. From there by choosing the link, they can see their appointments. He/she can see their new appointments and they can also see the previous appointments.

• After attending the patient, the Doctor selects a particular patient Id for prescription. In the prescription form, the Doctor will enter the detail about the prescription and give to the particular patient like specifying Patient condition, Kind symptom and dosage about the medicine.

H/W System Configuration :-

Processor - Pentium -III

Speed - 1.1 Ghz

RAM - 256 MB(min)

Hard Disk - 20 GB

Floppy Drive - 1.44 MB

Key Board - Standard Windows Keyboard

Mouse - Two or Three Button Mouse

Monitor - SVGA