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Published on Jun 26, 2023

Aerodynamics Projects

Do Dimples Make the Difference
A Further Cut
The Shapes of Boat Hulls Matter
Does Creating a Liquid Vortex Affect Drain Time
Which Wind Turbine Blade Design Will Produce the Most Power
Center of Gravity and Paper Airplanes
Can a Kid Build a New Type of Flying Machine
Go With The Flow
Which Automobile Shapes Have the Least Wind Resistance
The Effects of Airplane Wing Design on Aerodynamics
Tubular Turbulence
A Model Rocket's Trajectory
Folding a Better Plane
Catch a Wave
Tuck to Win
Vexing Volant Vortices
Foam Takes Flight
Blowing in the Wind
Effect of Temperature on the Angle of a Fluid Stream
The Importance of Angle of Attack to Flight
Do Blade Angles and Number of Blades on a Propeller Change the Speed of a Hovercraft?
Winging It: An Analysis of the Effects of Varying Aspect Ratios on a Toy Glider's Flight
What Size Hydrofoil Does My Sailboat Need
What A Drag
Comparison of Viscosities of Different Biofuels
Design, Analysis, and Optimization of Solid Fuel Rocket Engines
Persistent Holes in Non-Newtonian Fluids
What Fin Shape Causes a Model Rocket to Reach the Highest Altitude?
Effect of Varying Air Outlets on the Stability of a Hovercraft
The Effects of Different Blades on Generating Electricity at Low Wind Speeds
Watts Up with Fairings
Culvert Design for Fish Passage
Temperature Dependence of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluid Viscosities
Drag Reduction of a Mini Cooper
Testing Turbines for Maximum Power
Patterns of Fluid Dynamics
Does a Rocket That Spins As It Climbs
Solving the Mystery of Water Towers
Producing Electricity with Different Angles and Measurments for Wind Turbine Blades
When Air Masses Collide
Factors That Affect a Hovercraft Speed
Effects of Wing Angle and Angle of Attack on Flight Duration
Comparing Power Output of Wind Turbine Blades
How Do Flaps Affect Wing Lift
Marble Viscosity Race
Rate of Flow of Liquids in Tubes
Magnetohydrodynamic Propulsion and Dimensionless Numbers
The Wonders of Winglets
Pythagoras, Power, and Pennies
Testing Airfoils
Breaking the Splash Barriers
How High Can She Fly
Swimming Can Be a Drag
The Robins-Magnus Effect and the Effect of Traversing Different Fluid Media
Long Live Wind Energy
Going Up
Does Parachute Internal Volume Affect Rate of Fall
Shape and Surface Texture
The Effect of Winglets on a Radio Controlled Plane
Parachute Drop
It's a Drag
Effect of Blade Type and Blade Angle on Power
Downforce on a Stock Car
The Sky is the Limit
The Green Machine
Unleash the Power of the Pinwheel
The Effect of the Blade's Pitch Angle on Wind Power
Does the Weight Distribution on a Glider Affect Its Flight Path
Wave Hello to Blue-Green Energy
How Does Pressure Affect the Bottle Rockets Flight
Do Different Fin Designs Affect a Rocket Maximum Altitude
Aerodynamic Shapes
The Effect of Ball Diameter on the Time It Takes to Fall
Is Bigger Really Better
Flow Dynamics of the Salt Oscillator
Effects of Magnetic Fields on Water Flow
Searching for Stability
Real Time Analysis and Optimization of Solid Fuel Rocket Engines
Got Thrust? Got Lift? Got Aerodynamics?
Forensic Crime Unit: Blood Spatter
Wind Power
Dimples on Wings
What Is the Best Nozzle Angle for My Airplane
Faster Is Not Always Better
Rocket Stability
The Shape of a Glider
Blunt vs. Tapered
Aerodynamic Lift
Efficiency of Different Savonius Wind Turbines
Falling Rate of Small Spheres
Generating and Calculating Water Density's Effect on Hydro-Rocket Flight
Blades of Glory
The Effect of Wind on Bridges
Can the Wind Really Work for You
Aerodynamics of a Golf Ball
Awesome Airfoils
How Wind Direction Affects a Wind Generator
At What Angle Is the Lift of a Wing Maximized
Wind Energy and a Better Blade
Aerodynamic Airfoils
Flying Boats
Magnus Force on Spinning Spheres