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Published on Jun 26, 2023


The objective:

My project was to determine what effect the shape of a wing has on lift generated. I believe that a wing that rises to its maximum camber early, but not too early will do the best.


Seven wings with different shapes, but identical sizes were constructed. Each wing reached its maximum camber at a different point, but only centimeters apart. Five tests were done for each wing, and then five grams of weight were added, and this continued until the wing could not produce enough lift to rise at all.


The wing which reached its camber line at three centimeters generated the most lift out of all seven wings, while the last plane that reached its camber line at seven centimeters generated the least amount of lift.


My conclusion is that the shape of the wing plays an impotant role, and wings that reach their maximum camber early but not too early will generate the most lift.

This project is designed to test what shape of a wing will generate the most lift.

Science Fair Project done By Keith C. Gordon