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Published on Sep 19, 2023


The objective:

Does the weight on a Bridge affect the amount of shaking it endures during an earthquake.



Five Steel Wires, Solder, Flux, Butane, Butane Torch Saw, Two Bricks, Ruler, Electric Motor, Wire, Steel Bar, Drill, Drill bit, Batteries, Weights, Tape, Pencil, Paper. Procedure:

Cut steel wires to length Solder wires together

Drill off-center hole in bar

Slide bar on motor shaft

Connect wires to each motor terminal

Support bridge with bricks on each end

Tape on motor and battery

Set 100g on bridge

Put ruler up to bridge and measure from ground to bottom of bridge, record

Connect wires to battery terminals to start shaking

Measure Lowest and highest height, record

Take off 100g, repeat with each interval of weight


First trial I placed 100g on my bridge, it flexed down to 18.9cm. lowest shaking height was 18.4cm as well as the highest being 19.3cm.

Second trial starting was 18.7cm the lowest shaking height was 18.3cm and the highest was 19.0cm.

Third trial where I placed 200g start 18.5cm lowest shaking height was 18.1cm highest being 18.7cm. last trial 250g on bridge, 18.3cm lowest shaking height 18.0cm and the highest was 18.5cm.


My hypothesis stated, If I shake a bridge with different amounts of weight on it and measure the flex, then I believe there will be less bending when there is more weight on the bridge.

The data showed increased weight led to less shaking. With 100 grams there was 0.9cm of shake. With 250 grams there was 0.5cm shake. The experiment was a sucess proving the hypothesis.

This project was to find How does the weight on a Bridge affect the amount of shaking it endures during an earthquake.

Science Fair Project done By Satyaprit Das