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Published on Sep 19, 2023


This An Intelligent Eye project assumes that reader has a basic signal processing understanding and some algorithmic notions (complexity, optimisations).

The aim of this project is to give the reader a little overview of the existing techniques in digital image processing.

We are developing software and software is a part of larger system, so work begins by establishing requirements for all system elements and then allocating some subset of those requirements to software.

This system view is essential when software must interact with other elements such as hardware, people and database. System engineering and analysis encompass requirements gathering at system level with a small amount of top-level design and analysis.

Information engineering encompasses requirements gathering at the strategic business level and the business area level. In this step we just allot requirement to each system element according to their requirements.

To begin with we decided the operating system that has to be used as building round for project development i.e. Windows NT/XP and then we decided the language to be used for developing the software i.e. JAVA 1.5.

• Design

Software designing process partitions the equipments to either hardware or software system. It establishes overall system architecture. These processes translate the requirements into a representation that can in future be transformed into one or more executable programs. This design process translates requirements into a representation of the software that can be assessed for quality before coding begins.

The design is documented and becomes part of software configuration. Here we establish overall system architecture. All the requirements are divided into two levels - the software levels and the hardware levels. The framework of the project is developed here and is documented to become a part of the configuration. Here we set the interaction with the hardware will be performed with the help of modules which will contain functions that solely perform only this task.

• Testing

After the generation of the code, now our work can be tested for whether it is doing the desired operation or not. Testing is performed to uncover the errors if any, in the program so that result matches with the specified requirements. It focuses on logical internals of the software, ensuring that all the statements have been tested. After the

Successful completions of the projects tests were performed to test its smooth operation. The testing procedures used were:

• Unit Testing

• Black Box Testing

• White Box Testing

• Integration Testing

Support or Maintenance

This is the longest life cycle phrase. The system is tested and put into use. Maintenance involves correcting errors, which were not discovered in earlier stages of the process life cycle. The project was so designed that it was easier to maintain and to upgrade the Image processing software according to the need.

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