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Published on Sep 19, 2023


In today’s world, man struggles to make his life easier. The needfor tracking has assumed high importance because of varied and diverseresources, then be it a product of a company being shipped from thecompany to consumer, be it the assets, and be it in the supply chainmanagement or for that matter even the man-power.

In large organizational buildings, where the man-power is high, people are not always in their cabins. They have to wander from room to room, floor to floor to performtheir work. In such cases, it becomes extremely difficult to keep a track of people and find them when they are needed.

Solution for the above problem is as further a tracking system whichcan track an individual when they enter a room would suffice the need. This process should take place in a hassle free manner and therefore a wirelesssystem would be advantageous.

A receiver can be placed in each of therooms in the building and connected to a computer system which can takeinput from the connected receiver and enter it in a database of all individualsor personnel in the building. The receiver would receive input from atransmitter which would be given to all the people working in the building.

Since all the information is logged in a database, any person in the building will be able to access this information through any computer connected to this system and come to know the location of the person he or she is seeking for.

The system architecture consists of simple format of Central system and peripheral system.

1.Peripheral systems: It includes nodes, desktops that acceptinformation from the RFID readers which are mounted on the doors or at entry to any department.

2.Central systems: It includes server that handles all information of desktops. Server also controls time, attendance, log and managedatabase.

3. Front end consist of GUI for administrator that do tracking.

4. Back end consist of Database that maintaining log and database,Time and attendance of employee.


A software system is always divided into several sub systems that makes iteasier for the development and testing. The different subsystems are knownas the modules and the process of dividing an entire system into subsystemsis known as modularization or decomposition.The different modules are:

1. Add New Employee: This operation is performed when newemployee needs to be added to the system, for e.g. when companyrecruits a new employees, their entry is inserted in the employeedatabase. This option has three choices:

2. Manage Log: When Employee passes from door his information is getretrieved in database and log of entire day will be stored in databasemeans it gives where employee has gone through departments.

3. Time And Attendance: This module keeps entry time of employeeinto company and maintains attendance of employee.

4. Tracking: This module is used to track particular employee and givesflow which is followed by employee throughout the day in thecompany.

5. Authentication Of Employee: When employee passes using RFIDTags through doors using RFID readers he must be authenticated byusing capturing image of employee. If any employee is doing proxy of any one it can be easily identified by administrator and followingaction must be taken on that employee.

6. Provide Interactive GUI: This gives user simple interactionthrough the system.

7. Administrator Login: It gives authentication for administrator for system.


Hardware Requirement Specification:

Processor –Pentium 4 processor with or above 2.4GHz.

Hard-disk –20 G.B. or above.

RAM -256 or more (recommended).

Display option – Monitor.

Input devices – Keyboard, mouse.

Web camera.RFID reader and tags.LAN connection cable.

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