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Published on Sep 19, 2023


The main aim of the project is providing security to the PC. The project develops a system, which prompts the user to enter a password during the booting process itself. The user in cannot skip this process anyway once the software is installed.

Only by entering the correct password we can enter to the next screen or else the system reboots. This prevents any illegal entries into the system.

Any changes in the system can be brought only when the correct password is entered. Then we can go to the setup and change the password and encryption key if we require.

Thus the system which have Windows98 as it's operating system is completely protected by the user by a password which he has entered during the setup of the software and no user of the system can skip this password checking.

This confirms that the system is not being hacked and this is the main objective of the software.

The project "SUDOKU" game on student based PC provide flexibility and also to have abroader outlook a guest mode is to be implemented for infrequent or temporary accessories of the host's computer Since it is a student based version only a limited number access the PC.So we limit the number of users .

The project consists sample numbers in the correct position and the player have to fill the remaining numbers in the correct order to win the game.The other features mentioned in sample,about statements.

So the "SUDOKU" game is more easy as the ultimate aim should be developed. The project is object oriented one.So the primary requirement is the use of store and manipulate the numbers.

In order to satisy the infrequent users a guest mode is required with limited but necessary facilities.

The most important requirement is that the software developed should be user friendly and unreachable.

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