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Published on Sep 19, 2023

School Projects on Electricity

Developing a Low Cost Method of Detecting Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
DigiSonic Batman
Does Temperature Affect the Performance of a Fuel Cell
Effect of CD Drive Speed on Data Access Speed
Effect of Wavelength of Visible Light
Electric Motors and How They Work
Electrochromic Sun-Tracking Windshield
Emergicast Wireless Short-Range Communications for Emergency Vehicles
Feasibility of HEM Fuel Cells Today and Tomorrow
Generating Electricity through Electrokinetics
Gone with the Wind
Guitar Pickups
High Voltage Shocking Solutions
How Can I Build a Nitrogen Laser and Prove that It Can Lase
How Can Magnetic Fields Spin a Rotor
Hydro vs. Aero
Increasing the Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness of Solar Panels
Infinite Power of Electromagnets
Investigation of the Efficiency Droop Mechanisms
Is It Possible to Levitate an Object
Jacob's Ladder
Magnetic Linear Accelerator
More Efficient Solar Energy
More Rotors, More Motors, More Power
Potential Solar Cells for the Developing World
Prizefight Processors vs. Muscular Memory
Saving with Solar
Secrets of a Digital Display
Smart Medicine Cabinet
Solar Charging Your iPhone or iTouch for Dummies
Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell Future
Solar Panel Under Shadow
Sound Detector Radar
Static Discharge Danger at the Pumps
Study of Colloidal Battery Performance
Super-Encryption Standard for Large Data Using Elementary Chaotic Cellular Automata
The Effect of Laser Light on Storage Capacity
The Gauss Rifle
The Levitating Train
Use of a Stirling Engine as an Alternative Energy Source
Voltage and Current Directly Related to the Force Generated by an Electromagnet
Waste Heat to Electrical Energy
Wave Energy
What Blocks My Signal
Which Is More Efficient: Fuel Cells or Solar Cells
Wireless Power Transfer
0 or 1: Who Knows
Amazing Electric Currents
Analysis of Clock Rate and Thermal Scaling
An Application to Prevent Auto Collisions
An Eye on Lithium Batteries
Applications of Omni-Directional Antennas
Autonomous Gyroscopic Ocean-Wave-Powered Generator
Autonomous Robotic Vehicle
Autonomous Robot Modeling of Bacterial Motion and Chemotaxis
Avoider Robot's Performance in Mazes
Characterization of Series-Parallel and Total-Cross-Tied Solar Modules
Common Electrical Appliances and the SID Monitor
Construction and Testing of a Hybrid Rail/Coil Electromagnetic Launcher
Converting Chemical and Biological Energy into Electricity
Designing Active Audio Noise Canceling Circuits
Determining the Data Track Spacing on CDs and DVDs
Effective RF Shielding with Partial Faraday Cages
Effect of Core Size and Wire Size on Electromagnet Strength
Effect of Direction and Tilt Angle of Solar Cells on Power Generated