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Published on Sep 16, 2023

Sink or Swim


The objective: Using a water disbursement method, measure the density of various fruits and vegetables.

Basically, in this experiment I am trying to find out which of my daily basis fruits and vegetables are the most dense. For this experiment you won't need many tools. So you will need a variety of fruits or vegetables.


The purpose of my experiment is to find out which fruit or vegetable is denser.


My hypothesis is that a vegetable will be denser because it has more nutrients and water.


1. Pencil

2. Jar enough to submerge fruit and vegeatbles

3. Large pan

4. Kitchen scale

5. Selection fruits and vegetables(granny smith apple, orange, zucchini, potato, yellow pepper)

6. Measuring cup in milliliters

7. Water

8. Towel

9. Calculater


1. Collect produce.

2. Begin by placing the jar into the pan. Make sure no water goes in the pan.

3. Weigh the apple. Note its weight in grams.

4. Carefully lower the apple into the jar. Make a note of your results.

5. If the apple sinks, remove the jar from the pan and pour it into a measuring cup. Measure the amount of water in milliliters.

This is the volume- the amount of space that the apple took up. If the apple floats, push it down with the tip of your pencil until water spills out and over the pan. Measure that water in milliliters. For each piece of food, divide the fruit or vegetable weight in grams by its volume in millileters. Make a note of a weight, volume, and density of each piece of fruit and vegetable.




In conclusion, my hypothesis was partially correct. I am saying this because I said that the vegetable will be the most dense, but I did not say in specific which vegetable will come the most dense. Therefore, my hypothesies was almost correct.






Science Fair Project done By Diya Patel