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Published on Sep 16, 2023

Working Model in Science

Saving the World One Yard at a Time
Observations of Gas in the Infrared Spectrum
Ruben's Tube
How Much Bacteria Is on Your Retainer
An Analysis of Black Hole Thermodynamics
Does Blood Pressure Affect Heart Rate
Do Bacteria Like Gasses
Saltwater and Sound
Which Metals Produce the Highest Voltage
Creating Electric Current with a Magnet
Surface Tension of Water
What Do Lasers Go Through
Tired of Noise
Ringing Saturn
How Temperature Affects a Magnet's Strength
Don't Wanna Have Cold Feet
Nonlinear Oscillations in Mechanical Systems
How Temperature Affects Magnets
Exploring Evaporation through Colors
Yeast Past Its Code Date
Meat That's Raw
Comparing Varying Levels of Oxygen Aeration in Increasing Plant Production
Conserving Agricultural Irrigation Water by Controlling Transpiration Loss via Wind
Nail-Patella Syndrome Phenotype Expression
Effect of Exercise on Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate
What Are the Effects of Ultraviolet Light on Bacteria Mortality
Do the Right and Left Ears Hear Notes Differently
Comparison of the Effectiveness of Organic Worm Castings
Cattails in the Water
Blood Pressure
Are Fingerprints Hereditary
Study of the Effects of Green Tea on Oral Bacteria
Does a Mouse Rely More on His Spatial Memory or Vision
Innovative Method to Reduce VAT Dyes Electrolytically by Avoiding Toxic Sodium Hydrosulfite
Sunless Sunflowers
Effects on the Flow Rate, as a Representation of Stroke Volume
Mystery Behind Bacteria Levels in Gym Equipment
Human Battery
What Voltage Is Needed for Steel to be Protected
What Is the Best Way to Clean Your Toothbrush
Can You Make the Grade
The Five Second Rule
Which Color is Dominant in Mice
Is Spinach Made in the Shade
Whose Mouth Is Cleaner
Destruction of Natural Pigments by the Interaction of UV Light and Oxygen
The Effect of Alkalines and Acids on Bacterial Growth
Does Greater Leaf Diameter Increase Transpiration Rate
Chemical Analysis of Authentic and Artificial Red Coral
Ionic Equilibria Control by Hydrophilic Micellar
Effectiveness of Recycled Materials as Thermal Insulation
Tempest in a Teacup
Effect of Temperature on the Decay of Ascorbic Acid
Growth Rate of Poa pratensis in Pure Humus
Hydrofoam: Changing the Way the World is Powered
pH Tolerance of Microbes
Quantifying the Effect of Skyglow on the Visibility of Stars
Neuronal Nonlinear Dynamics
Why Are the Apples Brown
Bioartificial Engineered Heart Tissue
What Do Plants Need Most
Isolation of Staphylococcus aureus from Raw and Pasteurized Milk
The Focalization of Sound
What Would You Like to Drink
Do Different Diets in Ruminant Animals Affect the Microorganism Colony Growth
Enhanced Color Thin-Layer Chromatography
Abiotic Synthesis of Silicon-Based Life
Salt: Friend or Foe
Testing Sound Decay in Different Gasses
Luminescent Silole Nanoparticles for Chromium (VI) Detection
Do Different Dilutions of Disinfectants Affect the Development of Bacterial Resistance
Does Acid Make Steel Rust Faster
Does Oregano Oil Have an Antibiotic Effect
Effect of Temperature on a Chemical Reaction
The Future is Now! Pee-ure Water
Synthesis of Bismuth Telluride Nanowires
Frequency Relationship of Notes in Musical Harmony
Ammonia: The Passed Gas
Synthesis of Quantum Dots for Application in Solar Cell Efficiency
Murray's Principle of Minimum Work
Wet Heat: Can You Cook with Chemical Reactions
Does Varying Feed Affect the Milk of Lactating Caprines
Effects of Various Aromas on Animal Behavior
Composite Study of Bio-Diesel
Determination of Theta by Variable Solvent
Melodies in the Ice
Cooler Roofing
Green Nanotechnology
Safely Thawing Meat Used while Backpacking
Effects of Gases on Solar Water Heaters
Measurement of True Noon Time
Heat Transfer in an Incandescent Lamp
To Chew or Not to Chew
Does the Rate of Heating Have an Affinity for Salinity
Chemical Investigation of Water Content and Analysis of pH
Creating Sound with Heat
An Ionic Inquiry Yields Saline Solutions
Investigating Seed Tolerance for Freezing Temperatures
Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on Crystal Growth
Fingerprinting the Crime Scene Investigation
Study of the Wavelike Properties of Light
181.4C in the Sun
Diabetes and Exercise
Effect of a Magnetic Field on the Plasma Arc
Count on Calories
Does Cooking Methods Affect Vitamin C in Carrots
Staph Aureus
Synthesis of Gallium Oxide Nanowires
The Study of Alternating Magnetic Fields
Nutty Calories
Effectiveness of Various Spices in Promoting or Inhibiting the Spoilage Rate of Food
Density's Effect on Amplitude
The Effect of Curcumin on Metal Ions
Study of the Force Generated from a Changing Magnetic Field
Blackbody Thermal Emission
Comparison of the Adhesion of Liquids on Regular Shapes
Fizzy Relief
Doggy Vision
Effect of Electrolysis on Solar Desalination
Get a Head Start II
Blocking Ultraviolet Light
Cloning 101
Fungus Among Us
Is It All Downhill from Here
Control of Hydrophilicity in Nanoporous Zeolite Film
Light Reflection and Refraction off Liquids
Do Rats Learn Faster with Peer Pressure
Radioactive Attenuation and the Inverse Square Law
Beleaguered Beef
Cold Nuclear Fusion
Man-made Catalysts for Carbon Dioxide Capture
The Gauss Rifle
Direct Solar Pool Heater
Pigment Separation in Allium cepa
Determining the Relationship between a Water Sample's Temperature
Study of Bacteria Growth in Varying Acidic Environments
How to Increase the Speed of a Reaction
Natural Dyes
Effects of Temperature on Bacterial Pigmentation
Making and Testing Soap
Marvelous Magnetics
Does the Surface Clarity of Plastic Bottles Affect Solar Water Disinfection
Do You Hear What I Hear
Phytoremediation of Zinc
The Alka-Seltzer Experiment
The Speed of Sprouting Seeds
Are You Hot and Attractive
Which Insulating Sportswear Fabric Will Make Me the Happiest Camper
Biodiesel: Fuel for the Future
The Notion of Motion
Does the Amount of Ammonia Affect Forming Salt Crystals
Photochemistry Ammonium Oxalate and Iodide
Catching Rays
Development of a Daily-Use Sunscreen Soap
Determining the Effects of Water Temperature
Insulation Value
Experimental Investigation of High Frequency Plasma
Study of the Qualities that Determine Maximum CPU Cooling Efficiency
Changing the Speed of Light
To Rust or Not To Rust
Color vs. Heat Absorption
Comparing Lactose Percentage between Whole Milk and Powdered Milk
The Formation of Frosty Diamond Crystals
How Fibonacci Is Your Face
Effect of Titanium Dioxide on Photovoltaic Cells
Little Color to Lighten the World Up
Determining the Type of Particle in an Air Sample by Using Laser Light Scattering
The Effect of Pill Type on Disintegration Rate and Process
Doppler Effect and the Fiber Gyroscope
Controlling Crystal Growth
Elucidation of Molecular Structure and Bonding by Viscosity
Cosmic Ray Shower Array Reconstruction
Death in a Water Bath
Effect of Ingested Fluid Temperature on Basal Body Temperature
Effects of Reading and Working on the Computer on Vision
How Low Can It Go
Abating Acid Rain
Measuring CO(2) with Kernels of Millet
Blowing Off Carbon Dioxide
What Factors Affect Vitamin C in Liquids
Quantifying the Effect of Tungsten Illumination
How Fish Achieve Neutral Buoyancy
Ice Spike Formation in the Presence of a Strong Wind
Ott or Not
Oxidation of Dopamine by High-Valent Manganese A Link to Neurodegenerative Disorders?
Hiding In Plane Sight
Most Efficient Electrolyte for Hydrogen Production through Electrolysis
Effect of the Timing of the Application of Potassium on Antirrbinum
The Whispering Gallery Effect
Long and Short Wavelength Colors
Swing, Pendulum, Swing
Retinal Glare Recovery
Does Beta Carotene Prevent Tumor Growth in Plants
Effects of Diet on Blood Glucose
Physiology of Plants in a Simulated Martian Atmosphere
Are Copper Pipes a Significant Source of Copper in Drinking Water
The Window to a Spider
Demolishing Dental Bacteria
How Well Do Vegetable Dyes Work
C The Juice
Which Acne Medications Are Most Effective
The Violin Sound Post
How to Power an Engine with Water
Using Sound to Measure Temperature
Which Ground Beef Has the Least Bacteria
Solar Tubes vs. Conventional Fluorescent
Synthesis of Palladium Nanowires
Comparing the Differences of Clarity of Fingerprints
Thin-Layer Chromatography vs. Spectroscopy
Stellar Parallax
What Is the Effect of Temperature on the Corrosion of Aluminum
Effect of Reduced Pressure on the Yield Volume of Popcorn
The Wonders of Water
Stop Freezing
Fire Burning
Viscosity and Volcanoes
Suck It Up
PPAR Delta Crystallography
Density Fun with Cooking
It's Crystal-Clear
Using Solutions' Absorbance Spectra to Predict Their Heating by Light
What Didge You Hear
Brass Instruments and Artificial Lips
Orange You Glad You Have Vitamin C
From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank
Hello Chitin Goodbye Ions
Does the Color of Light Affect Plant Growth
Specific Heat in Materials
What Type of Fuel Has the Greatest Energy per Unit Mass
Boiling Point
Examining Freezing Point Depression
Factors Affecting Nodule Formations in Legumes
The Power of Rat Senses
Analysis of the Bioactive Compound in Arctostaphylus in Various Solvents
Effect of Electric Fields on the Heat of Vaporization
Super Sound Science
How Does Sugar Density Affect the Index of Refraction of Water
Bacteria Affected by Ultra-Violet Light
Living Color
What Angle of Impact Has the Most Effect on Making a Bruise
Electrify Your Electrolytes
Effect of Bottom Reflectivity on Solar Pond Performance
Kimchi, Spicy Korean Culture
pH: It's to DYE for
Counterfeit Attack
Can I Eat That
Sunderbans Estuary Simulated
Measuring Sugar Content with an iPod Touch and 3D Glasses
The Invisible Force
Burn That Fat
Effect of the Electrolyte's pH in Optimizing the Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Fun with Phosphorus
There's a Germ Out There
Zero Gravity Elevator Experiment
Can Electricity Affect the Hardness of Water
Cooking Away the Vitamins
Ir (III) and Pt (II) Complexes
Electricity and Electrolytes
Ethyl Alcohol vs. E. coli
Digitally-Enhanced Thin-Layer Chromatography
How Does Seawater Affect the Corrosion of Iron
Effects of Soap, Salt, and Temperature
Got Stamina
Spectrum and Its Relationship to Temperature
How Accurate Is Parallax
Activated Charcoal
Calcium Oxalate as a Protector of Marble
Study of the Health Benefits of Spicy Cooking
Masses of Gasses
Nitrogen: The Gas of the Future
Effect of Pupil Dilation on Peripheral Vision
Testing Tesla
Testing Known Antioxidants
The Solar Heating and Night Cooling of Surfaces
Modification of Calcium-Phosphate Coatings on Titanium by Recombinant Amelogenin
Is Garlic Antibacterial
The Franck-Hertz Experiment
How Do Various Nonwoven Medical Gowns Compare as Barriers Against UV Radiation
Effect of Different Types of Woods on the Energy
Electrographic Metal Detection
Better Power
Magnetic Force
Wavelength Controlled Holographic Polarization
Energy Content in a Candy Bar
Now You See It, Now You Don't
Fruits: Healthy or Not
Effect of Water and Temperature in Varying the Toxicity Level of Different Pollutants
Effect of Sugar on Bean Plant Growth
Adjusting Chlorine Level to Minimize Evaporation Loss
How Do Different Color Filters Affect the Energy of a Laser Beam
Making of a Potpourri Fertilizer
Amateur Studies in Polymer Construction
Apple Dehydration
Measuring the Speed of Light
Fuel for the Future
The Most Efficient Automobile Sunshade
Seebeck Effect
Solar Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production
Viability of a Simple At-Home Test
Acid Ice
Temperature's Effect on the Collision Rate Factor
Discovery of a New Natural Dye in My Own Backyard
The Greenhouse Effect
The Power of Oxygen
Redheads, Blondes, or Brunettes
Vitamin C Content After Storage
Compost or Fertilizer
Liquid Viscosity and Temperature
Effect of Color on the Characteristics of a Heat Barrier Material
Catch a Wave
Maintaining Correct Balance
Effects of Different External Factors in Changing the Effectiveness of Various Antibiotics
Effect of Ammonia Gas on Copper Nanowire Sensors
How Does the Amount of CO(2) Gas Compare to the Amount of CO(2) Solid
Effects of Ocean Water as an Irrigation Supplement
Hydroponics and Aeroponics
Simulation and Animation of the n-Body Problem in Two-Bodies
Stranding and Looping
Buoyancy 101
Family Fingerprints
Singing Goblets
Comparing Two Recipes of Biodiesel in Terms of Flashpoint
Which Orange Juice Contains the Most Vitamin C
Electrolysis Separate More Hydrogen from Salt Water
Effect of Color on Cherry Trees
Studying Clean
Ultraviolet Radiation
How Does Music Affect Plant Growth
Calories Really Count
Quantum Yield Studies of Singlet Oxygen Production
The Effect of an Acidic Environment on Dental Amalgam
Effect of UV Light on Depressions on CH Plastic Films
Electricity You Can Eat
Corrosion and Conductivity
The Comparison of Thermal Conductivity for Different Metals
Photooxidation of Cobalt-Bound Thiolato Ligands
Growing Crystals under Variable Conditions
Does the Temperature of a Magnet Affect Its Strength
The Effect of Shields on Beta Particles and Gamma Rays
Are Mice Territorial
Recipe for Disaster
Borax Acts or Gets the Ax
Do Oranges Lose or Gain Vitamin C After Being Picked
Can You Trust the Label
Liquid Light
Do Acoustic Tiles Really Block Sound
Kinetic Energy
Vitamin C Concentrate in Bell Peppers
How Fast Do Hydrogen Ions Diffuse through Water
The Greater Insulator
Standing Waves
Measuring Human Horsepower
Wood Business