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Published on Sep 19, 2023


The objective:

In current tourism system, whenever a tourist visits famous spots, to know more about the place he hires a guide. The hired guide then narrates history of the place. The proposed system doesn’t require a physical guide. The Mobile application installed on the mobile of tourist can act as a guide.


The application “Mobile Travel Guide” solves all these problems. It offers below services

1. Retrieves the user’s current geological coordinates.
2. Converts the Latitude/longitude to street address.
3. Does video search for that place and displays those to user.
4. User watches the video of his choice.

Mobile Application:

Location finder

Video Search

Video player


Server Application:

WCF: (Windows communication Foundation) REST service.
REST: (Representational State Transfer protocol)

Hardware Requirements

Mobile which has below features (The app can also run on emulator)

a. GPS
c. Android phone

Software Requirements

• Android Google Api 1.5 or higher
• Android Development Tool plug-in
• Eclipse 3.4 or higher
• Sun JDK 5 or higher