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Published on Sep 19, 2023


The objective:

The application is an online website for a florist. It is a virtual showcase for different types of flowers. Customers are providing with website through which all the following action can be done. Customer will use the forms for their various transactions i.e. for adding new routes, viewing the routes details. Also the Customer wants the reports to view the various transactions based on the constraints.

Theses forms and reports are generated as user-friendly to the Client. The package wills pick-up current transactions on line. Regarding the old transactions, User will enter them in to the system. The web server and database server should be protected from hacking, virus etc. The aim of this project is to make online shopping very easy. The purpose is to design a system that automates the activities related to a florist shop.

Proposed System

The proposed system is a web based application. The system displays information and description of flowers. System allows one to browse through details and make on line purchases. The computerized system takes care of the present existing system's data flow and procedures completely and should generate all the reports of the manual system besides a host of other management reports.

It should be built as a web based application with separate web server and database server. This is required as the activities are spread through out the organization customer wants a centralized database. Further some of the linked transactions take place in different locations. Open source software like TOMCAT, JAVA, Mysql and Linux is used to minimize the cost for the Customer.


Administrator Module Supplier Module

User Module

Report Module

• Admin Module:

Administrator maintains the entire application.

Administrator can add, delete, edit and view the details of flowers.

Administrator can also view the customer details. Administrator deals with the orders placed by the customers and makes necessary arrangements for delivering the flowers.

• Supplier Module:

By using this corporate module third party persons (flower suppliers) can place all flower details in this portal and also they can maintain list of orders from users.

• User Module:

This module is designed for user interface. By using this module a user can view all flowers in different categories and one can purchase and send those flowers to their near and dear ones.

Users can be registered or unregistered. Registered users get discount. Unregistered users do not get any discount.

Report Module:

By using this module Administrator can generate all reports with details such as number of customers, number of orders and total number of registered users etc.