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Published on Sep 19, 2023


The objective:

A Web Enabled Automated Manufacturing System (WEAMS) is a software application that combines many functions, including benefits of Administration, Accounting, Customer, Inventory, Sales, Purchases, Payroll, recruiting and Reports, analysis and review into one package ERP-HRMS allows the Administrator, employees and HR to perform various operations with in the company using their Employee Number.

Project Description:

WEAMS stands for Web Enabled Automated Manufacturing System. It is the implementation of several cohesive systems that will manage all aspects of a Manufacturing Organization.

WEAMS will:

capture and record all biographic data for individuals (e.g. names, addresses) track tenure, academic titles, and service dates

manage positions

Customer Registration, Order Processing

process payroll

track people's deductions, direct deposit

digitize paper-based processes such as the personnel action form (PAF)

support a more robust reporting environment

track timekeeping electronically

• Maintains Accounts Related to Customers and Suppliers

• Maintains Inventory Details

• Maintains Warehouse Details

Maintains Reports for Material Requirements Planning

Maintenance of details related to Assets and their transfer between different departments.

It will also maintains Depreciation details related to different assets


Operating System : Windows 2000 Professional

Database : Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL

Scripting Languages : Java Script

Programming Language : Java


Processor : Pentium IV

Speed : 1.7 GHz

Memory Capacity : 256 MB

Hard Disk Capacity : 20 GB

Monitor Make : HP