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Published on Sep 19, 2023


The aim of this project is to develop a Chat application using client server architecture which relies on Socket programming provided by java .


there are many client (Geographically spread), at any time, these client can established their connection to a centralized server and can share their ideas through this chat application. One to one chat by using private chat is also provided in the developed chat application.


• Concept of broad cast and private chat.

• Concept of enable user and disable user .

• Concept view ,edit and delete user record.

• Transferring the text

• Designing UI by using AWT/SWING.

Scope / Functional Requirements:

The complete system can be divided in following modules:

1. User Management Module : This module has two sub modules

  1. 1 User Registration Module
  2. 2 User Validation Module

2. Change Password Module

3. Administration Module : register new user records.

Enable user and Disable User, view and edit and Delete user record.

4. Server Module : This module is used to enter server name (pc name ) where server is running.

5. BroadCast ingChat Module : This module is used for chatting like broadcasting and display his inbox and outbox and list of user.

6. Private Chat Module : This module is used for private chatting and display his inbox and outbox.

Users of the System:

• Administrator: Administrator can register new user, enable and disable user.

• Administrator can see the list of registered user and also view user record and edit record and delete user record.

• Disabled user can not login.

• Administrator can search user record by this module.

• Administrator can send message all registered user .

• Administrator can be private chatting to particular user.

Chat User :

Unregistered User can register by login module

• and after registered this user can login when enter valid user name and password.

• User can change his password.

• message all registered user

• Administrator can be private chatting to particular user.

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