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Published on Jan 02, 2023

Working Projects Maths

Environmental Impact of Manipulation of Traffic Controller Algorithms
Examining File Compression in Computers
Exploring Rule Variations in Conway's Game of Life
Determining the Fraction of Lattice Points Visible from the Origin in the Third Dimension
Do Odds-Makers Make Accurate Predictions
Do Random Number Generators Follow Benford's Law
Effect of Impaired Judgment and Speed on Traffic Accidents
Effect of Quantum Computing on Hash Functions
Chinese Checkers Strategy
Comparison of Transect and Radial Sampling Methods
Complete Mathematical and Physical Relativistic Soliton Universe
Cracking the Code
Debruijn Sequence Taken to Higher Powers
A. I. Connect-Four
Accuracy of Voice Recognition Software
Adaptive Interference Rejection in Wireless Networking
Centripetally Accelerating Pi
Chess Algorithms
Testing the Null Hypothesis H0
The Effect of Algorithm Type and Plaintext Length on Encryption
The Impact of a Player's Starting Location in the Game of Risk
The Random Fibonacci Sequence
Tiling with Shapes and Tessellations in Nature
Turbo Charging Computer with Mathematical Algorithms
Software and Hardware Implementation of Rubik's Cube Solving Algorithms
Some Reasons a Computer Slows Down
Statistical Comparison of Radial and Transect Sampling Methods
Statistics and M&Ms
Symmetries and Transformations of n-Cubes and the Nimber-Simplex Graph
Plotting Muon Pathways as a Source of Randomness
Radical Obsession
Rollin' on Hoops
Salmonids by Numbers II
Shape to the Max
Mysterious Number 6174
Non-Linear Optics of Interfaces in R^3
Nonlyrical Music Search Algorithm
On the Flip Side
Internet-Based Distributed Computing
Let's Triangulate
Mathematical Algorithms for Sensor Footprint Employment
Mathematical Model for the Optimal Arrangement of Cell Phone Towers
Multi-document Summarization using Spectral Clustering
Finding Hidden Sequences In Nature
From the Nimber-Simplex Graph to Codes, Lattices, and Groups
Go! Go! Gadget
Goldbach's Conjecture: True or False?
How to Win at Yahtzee
Efficient Strategy for Making a Choice from a Finite Stream of Offers