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Published on Sep 16, 2023

Plane and Simple


The objective: Our project is trying to figure out what would move faster a inclined plane with a pulley or inclined plane without a pulley. We are also trying to figure out what would move faster with and without a pulley. The object's are a cube and ball.


In this essay I will be writing about 2 simple machine’s and what a compound machine is. In the first paragraph I will be writing about the simple machine called a Pulley. In the second paragraph I will be talking about a simple machine called an inclined plane. In the final paragraph I will be writing about what a compound machine is. In this paragraph you will learn about the pulley. A pulley is something that lifts an object off the ground.

A pulley also helps an object go to one place to another. An example of a pulley is a zip line. A pulley contains a string or wire and a wheel and axle . At the end of the day the pulley is a very useful simple machine. Now in this paragraph you will learn about an inclined plane. An inclined plane is something that helps an object to go up. An inclined plane looks like a slanted triangle. One example of an inclined plane is a ramp. A inclined plane is helpful because if it is hard to lift something heavy into the truck you can use an inclined plane to slide in into the truck. I hope you know what an inclined plane is. Finally, you will learn about a compound machine. A compound machine has two simple machine’s in it or more. An example of a compound machine is a catapult. In my compound machine I have a pulley and a inclined plane.I hope you know what a compound machine is.

I hope you liked my essay on machines. You now know what a pulley is and 2 examples of it. Next time, when you need help lifting something use an inclined plane! When you see 2 simple machines together you know it is a compound machine. I hope you enjoyed my essay and know more about simple machines!

Have you ever wondered what type of pulley work better. Well lets find out. Pulleys.Inclined planes. Compound Machines.Pulley’s are a fast an easy way to carry objects. A pulley is a wheel on a axle.An example of a pulley is is a zip line. Pulleys make it easier to carry objects up.That is what I know about pulley’s. Now I will be writing about incline plains. A incline plain is a flat and angled surface. Also an inclined plain will help any object go up. An example of a incline plain is a slanted piece of wood.People use inclined plain to get things into their truck. Now you know more about inclined planes.Finally I will write about compound machines.A compound machine is made out of two simple machines. They work more complex than a simple machine.An example of a compound machines is a bicycle .Now when you see a compound machine you will know what it is.Now you know more about simple machines. You know about pulley’s. You know what a inclined plane is. And how a compound machine works.I hope you like my essay on simple machines.


Our purpose is to find what pulley works better. A Draped Pulley or a Wrapped around Pulley (string around pulley.) In our experiment we have to use a stand so we don’t need to hold the pulley. We also need an inclined plane so it will carry the object up easier.


Our hypothesis is that the draped pulley would work better because there will only be one string on it and it will glide better on the pulley then if there in two strings wrapped around it might get stuck on the pulley and not go as fast and it might fall off.


Tinker Toys, 4 Binders, String, R2-D2, Little Toy Car and Tape.


1. Take 4 connectors and 4 sticks and make a rectangle.

2. Take 4 sticks and put 1 in each connector in the rectangle.

3. Take a sick and 3 connectors make sure it looks like this.

4. Attach the 2 connectors on the piece you just made. You just made you're pulley the connector in the middle is the pulley.

5. Take your piece of string and tie it around you're R2-D2

6. Take the other end of the string and tie it around your car.

7. Tape all your binder together .

8. For the first experiment drape the string on the pulley.

9. Move the R2-D2 to see how the pulley does.

10. After you are done that experiment rape the string around the pulley.

11. Move the R2-D2 see how the pulley does

12. What pulley worked better the one with the string draped on it or the one with the string wrapped around it

13. You are done


It took many tries to get 1 good video. We had to change are project a couple times to get the one that was just right. We had some troubles with the R2-D2 but we figured it out. In are video we tried are best to edit out the faces. We also laughed a lot. Overall it was great.

Plane and Simple

Plane and Simple


In conclusion the Draped Pulley worked better. Our hypotheses was correct. We think that the draped pulley worked better because the string never fell off the pulley. When the string was wrapped around the Pulley it always fell off. If we did our project again we would probably make it bigger. If you did our project we think you would learn a lot from it. We would recommend are project for grades 4 to 6. Thing that you would learn from it are… What pulley works better, How fast thing can move when they are on a inclined plane and you have to make you're pulley on a stand or else somebody will have to hold it. We think our project was interesting and you can learn a lot from it. There are things that we would need to work on like making our project bigger. we also think that VSF is hard, fun, existing and super!


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Science Fair Project done By Rushi Barot