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Published on Sep 16, 2023

The Electrical Powered Crane


The objective: This project is for seeing how a homemade crane can move a item easily and move it in to a bucket also if it can put the item in to a bucket more easily than a person.


How the battery charges the wire to make the screw magnetized The steel bolt being metal and having wire wrapped around it, the energy flowing through the wires it creates a magnetic field that travels along the outside of the wire. When you tape the two ends of the the wire together it creates an electrical circuit, which magnetizes the steel bolt. When I push the lever down, the steel bolt will attract the paper clips from the magnetism. That is how the battery charges the wire to make the screw magnetized to pick up a small metal object

Cranes can have a big variety of different types and shapes of cranes. When the cranes were originally constructed, they were first made out of wood. But later on they started to be made out of cast iron and steel. In the High Middle Ages, harbour cranes were introduced to load and unload ships with their construction. For a while, mini cranes were used for constructing high buildings, in order to reach tight spaces. The cranes with their early models have changed and have made peoples work easier.


Can the crane magnetize a bolt so it become a magnet and will be able to pick up paper clips without someone having to touch the paper clips?


My hypothesis is the crane will lift an object of any sort from small to big because if the charge is big enough so it would be able to magnetize metal, such as a paper clip or a nail but to do that it has to have the screw act as the magnet.

I think that the crane will make the process of lifting a item easier and also making the transportation use less of a force. That would happen because when I know the charge from the battery would magnetize the paper clips which would make it easier just to lift the lever without having to bend down to pick up the paper clips.


1. We got a wooden box with two open ends

2. We also got a wooden easel

3. We put the easel inside the wooden box

4. Then with the battery we moved it inside the box

5. Then we got wire to attach to the screw

6. Then twirled the ends of the wire and attached the ends to the battery

7. Then with the drilled holes on the side, we slipped the axle through the hole from the screw

8. We then put wheels on to the axle,making sure they can still spin

9. We then taped the two ends together which will give energy on either side of the wire.

10. It will magnetize the bolt once you wrap the wire around the screw and it will be like a magnet so it can be able to pick up the paper clips.

Electrical Powered Crane


We noticed the crane can lift a small amount of weight using the bolt that can only lift 1 paper clip or 2. We have also found how in the crane the two wires heat up when they are attached to the battery. With power flowing through the wires it makes the wires heat up from the battery. When attaching the wheels they had to be balanced out otherwise it would start to drag the crane and wouldn’t be able to move. Every time the wires dis-attach the wires kept slipping out which was hard to fix, but we decided to get new tape to fix the battery connection to the wire.

The other reason it wasn’t working because the battery was out of charge and the tape wasn’t sticking to the wire. When both of them fell out I put my finger on the battery and it felt very hot from the currents of the energy rushing through the wire and battery! With the more energy the battery has ,the more power, the more paper clips the crane will be able to pick up. We have definitely found out more about how the crane works and how energy can flow through wires with the power of a battery.


Testing out the crane, has proved that the crane is able to pick a paper clip that makes our hypothesis correct. The creation of a compound machine reduces the amount of work that has to be done physically by a human. Without the battery for the crane, the crane wouldn’t be able to pick up an object and our hypothesis would be wrong. In conclusion, our hypothesis was correct the crane was able to pick up the small metal object without us having to pick up the object.


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Science Fair Project done By Jennifer